Cork Density

Calypso Cork process & sell only the best of high quality, High Density SOLID CORK FLOORING.

Calypso Cork High Density refers to how much cork granule is compressed into a cork tile.

In the trade, most cork flooring is of only Medium Density, say 400-450 kg per M3. This Medium Density cork is cheap to buy but does not perform well over long periods.

Calypso Cork requires its Portuguese manufacturers to process only High Density cork to minimum 500kg per M3 in a true 6mm thickness. This gives a true cork floor feel, tremendous recovery from long time weighting & an indefinite lifetime. High Density cork is a higher cost to us; however, we know our clients are getting the best possible product.

When you purchase a Calypso Cork Floor you can rest assured you are getting the best quality cork available.