What Is Cork? – Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Although Portugal is by far and away the greatest producer of natural cork, it still possesses potentialities for expanding its cork cultivation by a large amount. For this reason the competent authorities are carrying out vast work of forestation, using the cork oak for planting in dry land or eroded soils. Generally speaking, in all zones which are regarded as particularly suitable for these species.

The cork oak (Quercus Suberll) is a forest tree with the particular feature of allowing itself to be stripped of the outer casing of its trunk which consists of a corky fibre, (cork) and then regenerating it again ready for its next stripping in around 10 years.

The extraction of this covering-cork is carried out periodically during the hottest months of the year when the growth activity of the tree is at its most intense.

The formation of the cork starts during the first few years of the life of the tree. It is only when the tree is between 20 – 25 years old that the first stripping is carried out and this is then repeated at regular intervals which are regarded as essential for the physiological recovery of the plant and the required enlargement of the cork. In Portugal this interval is restricted to a legal minimum of 10 years. The cork on the first extraction is known as virgin cork and the layers of cork subsequently regenerated and stripped, are known as reproduction cork.

This generates new bark growth with no harm to the tree. Cork Oak keeps giving and living.

Because of its unique construction comprising millions of tiny air cells per cubic centimetre, plus its resilience, solid cork flooring remains very much in demand throughout Australia and the world as the ideal natural flooring for domestic applications.

Cork as a floor surface is world renowned for its natural durability and comfort.

Cork is Light, elastic, impermeable to liquids and gases, a good insulator to heat, sound, vibrations and electricity, imputrescible, resistant to attack from widely varying destructive agents. No other natural or artificial product has up to now been able to replace cork from the point of view of economy and efficiency in its most important applications.

Calypso Cork manufactures exclusively from top quality, high density Portuguese Flooring Cork, ensuring you receive the best quality cork flooring available.

Cork is a Natural & Environmentally Friendly Flooring.

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An example of the Cork Harvesting Process.
With a cork floor, breakages are greatly reduced.

Manufactured from the finest natural cork procurable from Portugal.
Proudly colour processed in Australia by Calypso Cork.

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