Looking for a superior floor in your home? Here are 8 good reasons why you need a Calypso Cork Floor.

1 It’s Versatile

Cork flooring can be laid over virtually any surface, such as timber, wood sheeting & concrete. Cork flooring tiles can also be laid over existing floor coverings such as ceramics, slate & vinyl with minimal preparation. Cork flooring is resistant to shrinkage or expansion & is ideal for all interior domestic applications, Australia wide.

2 It’s Stylish

Calypso Cork is the ultimate in flooring style. With a huge range of the latest colours & designs cork is adaptable to any modern, classic or traditional application. Cork is the ultimate choice for a comfortable, practical & ultra-stylish floor.

3It’s Thermal & Acoustic Properties

Durable, Quite & comfortable to walk on. Cork has wonderful thermal properties under foot, Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter. The benefits of a cork floor are tremendous when considering how legs & feet can ache after prolonged walking on other types of floor surfaces. Cork as a floor surface is world renowned for it’s natural durability, sound insulation & comfort. Wonderful for climate variations within Australia.

4 It’s Hard Wearing

Calypso Cork specialize in providing the highest quality cork available from Portugal. Portuguese cork is world renowned for its durability & hard wearing properties. Good quality cork with correct maintenance virtually never wears out & our unique coating system requires very minimal & easy maintenance.

5 It’s Easy Care

There is very little maintenance with Calypso cork flooring – a damp cotton mop & a little detergent is all that is required for general cleaning. General maintenance is tremendously easy to keep your floors looking in top condition. No need to polish, buff or sand.

6 It’s Easy to Install

Calypso Cork is very easy to install. Our D.I.Y. Kits have full easy to follow instructions & our helpful DIY team is available should you wish to ask a question. Our cork flooring Kits are sent to your door, Australia wide.

7 It’s Sustainable

Cork flooring is a totally renewable source, made from the bark of the Cork Oak. A Portuguese forest tree that allows itself to be stripped of the outer casing of it’s trunk around every ten years. Cork Oak generates new bark growth with absolutely no harm to the tree. Cork is a totally renewable source, improving cork quality with each subsequent cork bark stripping.

8 It’s Environmentally Friendly

Cork is a totally natural product. Cork harvesting does not harm the cork oak tree or interfere with the ecology of the forest. Cork Oak bark is a Fully Renewable Source, Non Allergenic & totally sustainable. Resistant to attack from wide variety of destructive agents. No other natural or artificial product has been able to replace cork from the point of view of economy & efficiency for flooring.

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Manufactured from the finest natural cork procurable from Portugal.
Proudly colour processed in Australia by Calypso Cork.

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